Unity Civil Celebrancy

Unity Civil Celebrancy

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Hi, I’m Liz Thompson and I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. How many wedding ceremonies have you seen that have been written for anyone and everyone? What can you remember about them? At a guess… not very much because they are more or less all the same. Ceremonies are often delivered in a time crunch. The venue would need to be licensed and the fee goes up considerably depending on day, time or public holidays, with little room to include your own personality even when the Registrar comes out to your venue.

A ceremony that is personal and unique

You’d be amazed at how creative people can be with their ceremonies when they realise that they don’t have to stick to the standard format. This is when their personalities really shine out and all because their celebrant has taken the time to get to know them, their personal stories as individuals and as a couple and the shared history that has brought them to their wedding day.

The perfect day for you

I always know that people who choose a celebrant are going to be a little bit different. Couples choose to include elements of tradition or none at all, they might include a religious prayer or reading, symbolic elements for example hand fasting, unity candles etc. Or something else that says this is us, this is who we are. Guests are often surprised when they witness something so completely unique that it blows them away and that for me makes my work so worthwhile.

Have a look on my website to see what others have to say about their ceremonies, book me in for a no obligation meeting. Leave your pre-conceptions at the door, relax and look forward to a great personal experience that will stay with you and yours for ever.