Joe May - Independent Wedding Celebrant

Joe May - Independent Wedding Celebrant


Many people do not want to marry in a church, or are not allowed to for a variety of reasons.

Joe May is an independent celebrant. A member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

Joe can work with you to create a ceremony that truly reflects who you are. Designed around you, with you, for you, the ceremony will be utterly unique and deeply meaningful. Right for you. A bespoke and intimate ceremony at a location of your choosing. Absolutely anywhere!

Every couple is different and so every ceremony should be.

“Thank you Joe so much for everything you helped us with. Without you steering the ship the ceremony would not have been anywhere near as potent and meaningful for us!” - Ben and Adelle Mills.

Trained and accredited by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Joe can give as much or as little help as is needed to make your ceremony absolutely you.  Readings, music and poetry all go a long way in personalising the occasion, but there are so many other ways you can involve your guests and make your ceremony the rightful focus of the whole wedding celebration.

Guests will go away feeling they have been part of something real, and truly special.

Contact and we can talk further about your very very special day!

The wedding couple sign the relevant legal papers at their local registry office, with two witnesses, any time before their personal meaningful wedding ceremony takes place.  Or if they choose the wedding ceremony can come first, and the legal papers can be signed later. It is not legally necessary to do both on the same day.

Not only weddings!

A celebrant can help create personalised ceremonies for any period in our lives. Naming ceremonies, weddings, leaving teenage joining adulthood, adoption ceremonies and renewal of vows.

An independent celebrant has the skills and experience to create and lead a deeply meaningful ceremony which is right for you. It is wondrous to do this.