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Body image is important to you ladies, never more so when you are getting married! I know, I am getting married next year and my fiancée is already stressing about the big day! Will I look great? Will my dress fit?

Sound familiar? Take all the worries away with Inferno. Through our WeddingFit home packages we give you all the tools you need to PERMANENTLY lose the fat! That’s right, unlike other diets where the weight piles back on when you stop, Inferno doesn’t.


Through our years of experience, 95% of diets don’t work because you don’t eat enough and exercise too much! We don’t want you to make the same mistake as everyone else!

Be in the 5%!

What we offer:

  • Your nutrition bible based on your own body type
  • Tips on controlling hunger, energy and cravings so you can stick with the plan forever!
  • A home based exercise video to accelerate the fat burning
  • Access to hundreds of tasty recipes
  • 24/7 support from your personal nutritional coach
  • Online tracking of results to see how much fat is melting away
  • BONUS a 40 page recipe book and 3 day detox guide

Our most popular package is done at home, no need to even step foot in a gym!

In short we give you all the tools, the plans, the recipes, the exercise videos, even the music to train to. You just need to do it! We offer a fast track results service with one on one sessions (or two, if you fancy training with your husband to be as well) for those living near Manchester. In addition to everything you get in the home package, you get to experience that extreme fat burning sessions at Inferno HQ, and have FUN. We also provide your post exercise meal just to make things even easier for you to lose weight.

We don’t sell products or gimmicks designed to aid fat burning in the short term, as they aren’t sustainable. In fact 66% of people using these products end up weighing more than when they started after stopping the diet.

People think eating healthily is boring, but our tasty recipes include homemade Nandos, Thai sea bass, chocolate M&Ms and my personal favourite the Man Maker Pie (don’t worry you won’t get unwanted hair and develop urges to shout at the TV when the football is on, but it will help you BURN FAT) Eating healthy has never been so easy and so tasty!

Throw in a little bit of exercise and you have the perfect recipe for losing weight! We have a variety of exercise workouts that can be done at home with little or no equipment. And if you prefer to train in a gym we have those too!

We believe honesty is the key to helping anyone achieve weight loss, and we would love for you to come on to our plan. We know we can help you lose the weight before your big day and help you feel and look FANTASTIC. We are so confident of helping you that both programmes GUARANTEE RESULTS and if you aren't happy after 30 days, all of your money will be refunded!

No risks but plenty of rewards!

WARNING: You will have to buy your dress in a SMALLER size!

Click on the website for more details about our packages, or drop us an email on We can wait to help you on your journey to looking fab on your wedding day!


  • Tehseen Mirza reviewed 5 years ago
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InfernoFit is a brilliant programme and Dean has brilliant exercises and receipes. He is an inspirational person and is very motivating. So I would highly recommend you join the InfernoFit programme as it has a lot to offer, not importantly you'll achieve the results you want!

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Fun and easy!
  • Lynn Maindonald reviewed 5 years ago
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The inferno program is brilliant! The recipes are really tasty and easy to make and the exercises are easily done at home. Dean offers great support throughout and is always helpful. I definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't just want to lose weight, but tone up in the process.

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