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Bring the BIG day to a close with a BIG BANG!

Illusion Fireworks Ltd are a fresh, exciting company and we are determined to make our name as the premier wedding fireworks display provider. If you seek cutting-edge, innovative and high-quality fireworks displays, look no further! Born out of a desire to provide the most incredible, mind blowing shows, Illusion Fireworks promise completely bespoke display designs with one goal to produce a 'Sky Full of Magic', magic is what we do! To find out more please visit our main website

A firework display at your wedding is in our opinion the ONLY way to end your big day, nothing even comes close to telling the world you are celebrating than showing off with an amazing wedding fireworks display! Booking is simple because at Illusion Fireworks we know you have enough on your plate with an entire wedding to organise. A simple phone call is all it takes to book your spectacular dream wedding fireworks display!

“The fireworks for my sister’s wedding were so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know what to expect but what your team did was completely amazing”.

Illusion Fireworks are proud to offer the complete service without compromise. From the moment you book your wedding fireworks display we will have it all covered, all of our bespoke professional fireworks shows include the following services:

DISPLAY SITE SURVEY - Establish site suitability and identify firing locations.

AUTHORITY LIAISON - Inform relevant local authorities where required.

RISK ASSESSMENT - Identify hazards and measures to ensure minimal risk.

INSURANCE COVER - We carry £10m Employers liability and £5m Public liability.

DISPLAY PLANNING - Each is display custom designed planned.

TRAINED FIRING TEAM - To set-up and execute your wedding fireworks display

FIRING SITE CLEAR UP - We will remove all pyrotechnics remains from the firing site.

FREE HELP AND ADVICE - Always on hand to advise and guide you through booking!

*Shhh... we can produce a quiet fireworks display if your venue or guests are noise sensitive!

* SURPRISE?! Do you need your wedding fireworks display to be a surprise for the guests? No problem. Illusion Fireworks use unmarked vehicles, if the site allows we can set up out of sight without anybody knowing!

*Musical Fireworks; Interpretation of fireworks and music is at its most profound as they join in a union of magic, imagination and technology, giving life to a truly unforgettable experience.

Musical Firework displays are all the rage, fireworks dramatically enhance the emotions conveyed in a piece of music. Illusion Fireworks will individually design your pyromusical display from scratch, this ensures each and every show is totally unique and like no other. We use FireByWire Designer - a powerful piece of musical fireworks design software - to help turn our ideas into a stunning reality in the night sky.

Call us now 01491 693394   or visit our dedicated wedding fireworks website to find out more!