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Ian Bursill | Weddings Captured Emotively

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Finding it tough looking for the right wedding photographer to capture your day?

Sifting through endless websites to find a photographer whose style, approach & ethos stands out and matches your requirements is difficult, so many images and websites look and read the same.

You want something unique. You want photography that captures the real essence of your wedding - the atmosphere, the emotions, a real narrative of the day.

If this is how your current search for a photographer sounds, then perhaps you might just have found your match?

Here’s a list of of things all of my couples have in common… sound familiar?

"We don’t like having our pictures taken."

I’m totally with you there. I’m really not keen on having mine taken either, which is why I much prefer being behind the camera. On the day I'll blend in with you and the rest of your guests so you'll hardly know I'm there most of the time, which all means that the images I'll capture will show your real personalities and not uncomfortable, posed expressions. You’ll love the way you look!

"We want natural images, not posed ones." Great! Because 98% of my coverage is unposed. I don’t pose anything other than the group shots (if you want them) or very lightly directed couple shots on the day.

"We don’t want to spend hours being ordered around."

Good, it’s just not my style to boss people around. Instead I’ll work quietly in the background, documenting real moments - ones you may not have witnessed on the day. I'm happy to photograph 20 minutes worth of 5-8 small, intimate family group photographs and then take you both off for 10-15 minutes for some really informal portraits.

"We want to feel comfortable with our photographer."

You want a wedding photographer who is professional, calm-under-pressure, honest, steady, dependable and that you’ll like and trust and you want your whole wedding experience to be totally stress-free. I'll achieve exactly what you want by not taking over your day, ordering you or your guests around or contriving the day's events which in turn halts the natural flow of the wedding.

"We value photography and it’s vitally important to us."

You appreciate good photography. It's high on your list of priorities and you won't compromise.

You want to allocate a fair amount of your budget to ensure that the story of your day is preserved forever for you, your children and grandchildren to look back on in the future. You want to see real photographs of real moments with real people because those are the kind of shots that'll evoke the memories of your day in the future.

In 25 years time you'll want to be able to look back at your wedding photographs with your children and grandchildren and relive your memories as those wonderful moments come flooding back.

Hopefully you'll feel that you've stumbled across just the right guy?

To you, it seems that a lot of photographers think that the most important thing to photograph at a wedding is the decor, the details and the style.

But I think differently, I think a lot deeper than that…

...I think the most important thing to photograph is people.

'Best Photographer' for the East Midlands Region in the 2012, 2014 and 2015 Wedding Industry Awards.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association’s ‘UK Photographer of the Year’ in 2009