Foodtruly Ltd

Foodtruly Ltd

West Sussex
North Yorkshire

Foodtruly Ltd brings quality Caribbean-influenced food with a difference.

Specialising in: Gluten Free, Spelt,  Vegan, Vegetarian, White Meat and Fish dishes for your wedding or private event.

Lovingly prepared with recipes from the Director of Trinidadian and Jamaican Heritage with other family connections in Venezuela, Martinique and Cuba. 

The Caribbean food offered by Foodtruly will reflect Caribbean Cuisines in its food being both Hot and Spicy AND Passionate and Warm.

Our Policy is to make our customers happy and healthy.

Our food is prepared, cooked and presented lovingly by the Director, Janice Weir-Germia and Talented Associate Chefs/Catering staff who cook Caribbean food from the heart and soul. 

Having had years of excellent cooking handed down through forefathers we are bringing all these gems to every customer. We want to share over 20 years experience of providing wholesome food to benefit your health. 

Janice Weir-germia, a Food Safety Inspection Consultant and Caribbean Chef (PgCert FSQM, BSc, PGCE).  Certified Food Safety Training Provider and Manager, Janice has created material to help others develop their skills and their roles in the Food Industry. With specialism in Vegan and Vegetarian Food, Seasonings and Cakes for those with Allergies.  Books that show the journey of an SME to help others to grow and cookbooks to make that perfect meal or dessert. Business mentoring and Personal Development materials also available to build Business "YOU"! can be found at