Charlie Brush Magical Chimney Sweep

Charlie Brush Magical Chimney Sweep

28 Rock Road, Latchford, Warrington, Cheshire. WA4 1QG

Charlie Brush – Magical Chimney Sweep.

Bringing Good Luck And Magical Entertainment To Your Wedding.

Having a Lucky Chimney Sweep at your wedding is an old tradition and when it's Magical Chimney Sweep Charlie Brush, you'll be delighted with the look of surprise from your guests when he arrives at your wedding.

What's more, you and your guests will be even more amazed when this passing sweep joins the wedding party after the service and entertains everybody with close up magic.

Charlie has been bestowing the Official Chimney Sweep Blessing upon happy couples for 6 years now and has entertained in a manner unmatched by any other magician to date.

For more information about how Charlie Brush can best help bring that "something special" to your wedding and make it one people will talk about for years to come, go to:

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