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The Circle Of Life

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The Circle of Life - Wedding Ceremonies

Enables you to declare your love for one another, reflect on your achievements and responsibilities, your hopes, dreams, aspirations and joyously make commitments for your future together.

I work with you to make absolutely sure that your ceremony is unique and personal. I can conduct Ceremonies in all sorts of special and magical places and can offer advice and ideas about venues.

To marry in this country, the legal requirement is that a man and a woman will stand in front of a registrar in a place that is licensed for Civil Marriage. You will also need two witnesses.

You would both repeat the Declaration and Contracting Words separately in front of a Registrar. Sign the register and that is it, you are legally married! You do not have to exchange rings at this point.

You can arrange this official marriage during your lunch break, or even early on the day of your Wedding Ceremony. As long as you have the legal documentation, I can conduct the Wedding Celebration to create the more personal and heartfelt part of the marriage.

As the legal side will have already been taken care of, there is no time of the day, night or place that you may not hold your Wedding Ceremony. Choose a place you both love to be together, that magical place or venue of your choice. It can be in the house, garden, hotel, village hall, a pub, beach, or forest to name but a few.


Whatever the event, be it a Wedding Breakfast, Civic Reception, Livery Dinner, Formal Dinner, Banquet, Ladies Night, Life Partner Reception or Bar Mitzvahs, why not add that “Touch of Elegance” and employ the services of a professionally trained Toastmaster. David’s skills will enable you to sit back and enjoy yourself in the sound knowledge that someone is there to deal with any eventually that may occur. The need for such a service should not be underestimated as you piece together your plans.