Susan Maddison Life Coach

Susan Maddison Life Coach

Surrey, UK

A powerful transformational coach & mesmerising speaker. Fascinated by the mind. Flys the geek flag, speaks fluent Java, and loves talking biz & tech. But most passionate about; freedom, self-discovery, continuous growth & learning.

What makes her standout is her journey and character. Susan is full of energy & positivity. She is a magnetic & unforgettable lady.

As a coach she has NLP in her toolbox as well as a long list of life experience to draw from – she packs a lot of life into her years!!

Susan was born & raised in Saudi Arabia. She skipped A Levels & Uni to become the World’s youngest person to obtain a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer at 16yrs old. She then dived straight into the ever changing fast-paced IT industry and world of software development. An adaptable brave curious smart lone tigress in a very male-dominated industry, breaking the mould for what it is to be a geek.

Susan spent 16 years in IT and has much business & technical experience to draw from – perm jobs, contracting, consulting, SMEs, start-ups, central gov, local gov, big corporates, hedge funds, the energy sector, and had her own business.

During her adventures in software development she played many roles, wore many hats, worked many sectors, setup & sold her own small business (a digital pen & paper company), has many lessons noted, and war stories to share. Her career started at the dawn of the internet age. She has been a consumer, the observer, and player on court as the WWW weaved its way into our lives & businesses.

In 2014, Susan walked away from the corporate world to pursue a more fulfilling career and created a portable profitable profession as a life coach. She helps men & women get clarity on what to do next – or discover who they are & what they really want – then gifts the confidence and courage to go after their desires & achieve their goals.

She fundamentally changes the way you think about yourself, your business, your relationships, your life. She lives in the realm of possibility & has the power to remove limiting beliefs, shift negative thinking, and instils the mindset required for success.

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