Pyrotastic Fireworks

Pyrotastic Fireworks

46 Lynchill Park, Whitchurch, Hampshire. RG28 7NF
Berkshire, uk
West Sussex

Pyrotastic are a Hampshire based Fireworks Display Company covering the whole UK. Pyrotastic is run by Phil Brown and Martin Tongue who both have over thirty years experience working with pyrotechnics. The company itself was born in 2001, following a huge private display to celebrate the millennium. At that event a guest made the point that ‘you lot are good enough to do this professionally’. A brief discussion later & Pyrotastic came into being.

From fairly small beginnings using theatrical & the bigger retail stock available at the time, Pyrotastic set about growing a loyal customer base for annual displays, whilst actively pursuing the wedding, party & other ‘one-off’ events market. Pyrotastic now use ‘proper’ display fireworks, the sort you’d expect to see in London on New Year’s Eve, & specialise in wedding receptions, concerts, carnivals, parties, Christmas events etc. up to the level of battle proms type events. They have worked for organisations as diverse as the National Trust, major corporations, the Army, golf clubs, cricket clubs, football clubs, schools, community associations, Lions & Rotary associations & of course, individual weddings. They now have eight major displays solidly booked for what they call ‘The Season’, which runs from Halloween through to the other side of Bonfire Night, with their clients locking them into rolling extended contracts so they can’t disappear & fire displays elsewhere! Probably their best known public (but not their biggest) display is the annual Reading Town Bonfire Night show.

Pyrotastic are able to produce a range of effects possibly not seen before, including set pieces (representing 2D images, logos, pictures etc.) and theatrical pyrotechnics to add extra depth to your wedding celebration. Flares on the venue driveway as you leave the reception is a stunning ‘parting shot’. They’d be delighted to call or meet you to discuss your requirements.

All wedding displays are tailored to the requirements of the couple, the venue and location specific needs. All displays are priced to include site survey, safety risk assessment & insurance, venue liaison, & everything else needed to give you a worry-free display. There are no hidden extras & the price you’re quoted is the price you pay, guaranteed.

Standard wedding packages begin at £850, however after that the sky’s the limit (groan!) & anything’s possible.


Give the guys a call or drop them an e-mail to see what they could offer your wedding.

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