Ja Yes Ta Ceremonies

Ja Yes Ta Ceremonies


For a long time, at every wedding or other function I attended it felt like the ceremony that celebrated the occasion was a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ ceremony with very little personality that did not seem to capture the individuals at the centre of the ceremony. I realized that, although the circumstances and relationships of people had become very diverse, the ceremonies to celebrate them had not. This realization brought about a wish to create unique ceremonies in which the people and their celebrations took centre stage.

Getting married is a major decision in any couple’s life. The fact that so much about marriage has changed over the past decades makes this decision even bigger. In most cases it no longer means the start of living together as a couple or starting a family together. Many young (and not so young) couples have been sharing their lives long before their wedding day, often raising a family. Different cultural and/or religious backgrounds and same sex relationships have become quite commonplace. And there are an increasing number of people in second or subsequent relationships, with or without children from these relationships.

What has not changed is that whatever your situation, a wedding still means actually standing up in front of parents, family and friends, and make a public announcement that YES, you intend to spend the rest of your life with this person next to you, sharing good and bad days.

This is done in the wedding ceremony and it is important that both your life histories as well as the new history you’re about to write together are honoured. This may seem challenging but it can be done in a ceremony that is specifically designed with you in mind and which can make your day truly meaningful. JaYesTa ceremonies are not legally binding and are an addition to your civil marriage or registered partnership but they can help you to make your day special and very personal with (almost) endless possibilities.

Do you wish to make your vows outdoors, on a boat, cliff top or in forest? Do you want to include texts, prayers or rituals from one or more religions without a full traditional religious wedding? Do you wish to incorporate cultural elements from different traditions? Do you want to actively involve children, family or friends? Maybe you’ve tied the knot abroad but want to give a formal edge to your celebration for your family / friends in Ireland? Do you want to include rituals like handfasting, jumping the broom or the exchange of luck money? It is all possible.

Whatever your wishes, together with you I will make your ceremony memorable.