Hamilton Ice Sculptors

Hamilton Ice Sculptors


Ice bars are extremely popular and can be carved in almost any shape or size for any occasion. You can most often see them working as drinks dispensers or seafood servers at restaurants and hotels. But whether it’s a wedding, party, or even a festival, ice bars have a crowd-pleasing quality that never fails to impress.

Ice bars can suit any taste

It’s possible to achieve a number of effects with an ice bar. Some are straight, some are circular, some are short, some are long and some are lit with LED lighting to create a bit more atmosphere. You could get your own company logo etched into one of the slabs and have sculpted beer pumps, other carvings or even a luge situated on top of the bar.

Don’t worry about the melting. Ice bars are extremely sturdy and at room temperature they’ll generally take at least 24 to 48 hours to melt away. The ice is propped up on discreet drainage boxes that are used to collect the drips. You’ll barely notice them.

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