Dance Parties UK

Dance Parties UK


Dance Parties UK specialise in wedding dance lessons, themed dance hen parties and professional dance performances for wedding entertainment.

Our wedding dance lessons help you to feel as confident as possible during your first dance. In your private lessons you will learn the basics of dance as well as working on a fully choreographed routine that will really impress your guests. Your choreographer will work with you and your ideas to ensure that your first dance is one you will be really proud of.

For our dancing hen parties there are lots of themes to choose from, including Street Dance, Beyoncé, 80s, Burlesque, Michael Jackson, Strictly and many more. You will do a fun dance warm up, have a dance boot camp where you learn the techniques of your chosen themed dance, before learning a themed dance routine. Our experienced choreographers will put you through your paces, teach you some new moves and most of all, ensure you have fun!

No dance experience is required for either the hen parties or the wedding dance lessons. All that we ask is you come prepared to learn lots and have fun!

We also provide professional dancers for wedding entertainment, guaranteed to keep your guests entertained throughout the night! We can create dance routines with any number of dancers and can link our performances to any theme of your choice.



Sarah and Julian – Wedding Dance

"On day 1 I didn't think we would make it, we were uncoordinated and rigid. However by some miracle you managed to get us moving together and by the final lesson we had vastly improved thanks to your expert teaching methods. We are so happy that both of us were able to learn a fabulous wedding dance, which not only impressed our guests but was great fun! The dance was one of the highlights of our day."

We were struck by how dancing brought us closer together during a time which was highly stressful. Your dance lessons were the highlight of our week as your enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious! You explained everything really well and taught us some steps which at first seemed impossible. Taking time each week to meet with you and learn to dance was more valuable than we could have imagined. Thank you so much for being such a kind and patient teacher, we can't wait to learn our next dance now!


Fay and Oriol – Wedding Dance:

"Without Sabi, our first dance clearly would have been a disaster! To put it mildly, neither Oriol nor I are particularly gifted in terms of coordination and finesse of movement, but Sabi worked absolute wonders on us. She choreographed our own personal dance routine which was beautiful, unique and perfectly matched our choice of music. In the space of four fun-filled sessions, she transformed our initial, clumsy efforts into something we felt excited that our friends and family would be watching on our special day. She was patient, encouraging and had some fantastic ideas on how to maximise our ability and push boundaries to achieve something we never thought possible before we began the course. We were thrilled with the reaction of our guests on the day itself - we got lots compliments afterwards and comparisons to Strictly Come Dancing!"


Emily – Hen Party:

"Thanks so much for an amazing day! The class was so fun and all of the girls had such a good time. Sabi had great energy and kept us dancing and laughing the whole time. We'd love to do it again when the next one gets married! Thanks again."