AOK Physique

AOK Physique

Surrey, UK

Whatever your goals are let AOK help you reach and exceed these with our 1-2-1 packages.

After a consultation meeting at an appropriate time to suit you we shall provide you with a personalised tailored programme with specific review dates scheduled periodically in order to ensure that you are on track.

One thing that is fundamental in obtaining your desired physique is your nutrition. You can never out train a bad diet. So let AOK take care of this important aspect of your training by providing you with custom made nutrition plans to suit all palates.

Just choose from one of our packages below which include the nutrition plan or alternatively choose either our shopping list option or the nutrition plan option separately to get you started on the road to a healthier you.



“Mike has me crawling home after a session. He’s fun and approachable and cares more about sharing his knowledge and experience than just taking people’s money. Mike posts a lot of his own journey on social media and that alone motivates me to keep pushing. He’s also willing to give advice and answer questions even outside of the bootcamp setting.

Thanks a lot Mike keep it up!! See you at camp.”

-Anthony Alexander