Andy Ison Humanist Wedding Celebrant with the BHA

Andy Ison Humanist Wedding Celebrant with the BHA

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Your wedding day is so special and you want a wonderful ceremony that reflects your love, values and hopes, and brings together your family and friends. I can help make that happen.

The heart of your wedding day will be the ceremony, the promises and vows, the expression of commitment expressed in words and symbols and, of course, the exchange of rings. You really want it to express everything about you and your relationship so it is right to plan something special.

Your wedding can combine traditional ideas with more modern and unusual themes so that it will reflect what matters to you as a couple. Close friends and family can be involved in so many ways. There can be fun and humour, music and song, special themes and symbols – whatever you want to express how you feel and how you want live your lives together.

I can help make all of this happen for you but please remember that Humanist weddings are not officially recognised in England and Wales, so you will also need to have a civil ceremony at a Register Office.


How does it all work?

Firstly, contact me by email or call 07522 553 491. We can discuss things and you can decide if you’d like me to be involved. I am lovely so I hope you will!

If everything goes well, we will arrange a meeting. This will usually take about two hours and we’ll get to know each other and start to plan the ceremony. It will be helpful for me to find out about how you met, what you do, the people who are special to you and all of those things that can feed into the ceremony.

I will put the ceremony together including a script that tells your story. I will send you draft copies so that you can check the wording and make sure it fits with what you want. You will receive a final copy of the order of service so that it can be printed for the special day.

There will also be a second meeting and a rehearsal just before the wedding day so that we can make sure it all works and everyone knows what they are doing. I will visit the venue beforehand, if that is possible, and I will do my part in providing things for the ceremony – although any special clothes or symbols may need your help!

On the day, I will be at the venue to check things are in order and I will lead the ceremony. If you need me to take on any extra roles, we can arrange those in advance. And I will make sure that there is a special copy of the order of service from the ceremony to be a reminder of your wedding day.