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  • Top Tips When Hiring a Magician

    By Neil Edwards, Elegant Magic. Powered by The Happy Bride Guide.   Amateurs Vs Professionals Magic for the most part, as with most entertainment such as music, starts off as a hobby. There are plenty of hobbyist magicians in the world, many of...
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  • Ten Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Venue

        By Nina Bassett, Hotel TerraVina. Powered by The Happy Bride Guide.   When looking at venues for your wedding it is about so much more than just the location, how pretty, quirky or eye catching the building/gardens are. These and other...
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  • How To Create Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

    By Claire Bradford, Creating Ceremony. Powered by The Happy Bride Guide Woohoo! You’re getting married! Congratulations! When the heady whirl of breaking the news and showing off your new bling has calmed down a bit, then comes the sometimes...
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